Born in 1978, Rachel lived in the story-book-sounding village of Nutgrove, St Helens, and began writing from an early age. She produced her first raft of poetry at Nutgrove Primary School, which was secretly published by a family friend into a collection entitled 'No Thorns On This Berry' - Berry being Rachel's maiden name. It earned her the nickname 'the Poetess' from teachers, and, much to her embarrassment, is still occasionally passed around by family members to this day.  

     At Rainhill High School she received even more encouragement to write; indeed an English teacher with whom she is still in touch is threatening to sell her old essays and make her (ahem) fortune!

     Rachel studied Communications and English at Leeds University, and worked in event promotions before moving to London and joining the rat race as a Copywiter. Liking neither rats, nor races, after two years she turned Freelance and moved back 'oop north' to Eccleston, St.Helens, where she met hubby Andrew Lyon, an IT consultant and fellow             St Helens RLFC fan.

     In 2011 Rachel decided to begin work on a rhyming story for children about a real-life giant, John Middleton, who lived in the  picture-posctard village of Hale on the river Mersey four hundred years ago. The giant's cottage - complete with the two little windows where his feet poked through while in bed - can still be seen, and indeed it was the thought of his feet dangling through the window that Rachel knew children would love. Submitted to a handful of publishers, the story, entitled The Cautionary Tale of the Childe of Hale, was snapped up by Maverick Children's Books, who selected talented Argentinian illustrator, Vanina Starkoff, to bring it to life.

     The book, in both hard back and soft-back versions, gets its release in Spring 2013. Rachel is currently working on further books, and is also available to deliver author workshops in libraries and Schools.